Kazinag National Park


Kazinag National Park  is a commissioned national park in the Baramulla district in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. It is part of a proposal for a trans-Karakoram peace park with Pakistan. Kazinag National Park is situated in north bank of Jhelum close to Line of Control in Baramulla district about 70 km away from the capital city of Srinagar.


Capra falconeri

Markhor is a medium-sized (males-100 kg, females- 55 kg), dimorphic, gregarious ungulate considered to be evolutionarily recent or ‘advanced’ among the caprids. Markhor, the largest wild goat is also an endangered species. Sub species falconeri is sporadically distributed in Jammu and Kashmir in the Pir Panjal and the Kazinag ranges. Usually, markhor is found at around 4000 m in summer but in winter may descend to low and mid elevations. Habitats preferred by markhor are those involving steep slopes (>45o) in summer and less steep during winters.

Black Bear

Ursus thibetanus

Asiatic black bears are widely distributed across the forests of the valley. Kazinag NP is one of the potential black bear areas. The Asiatic black bear is medium sized black- coloured bear with a prominent crescent-shaped mark on the chest. Adult males range from 50-200 kg and adult females range from 40 –125 kg. Black bears are good tree climbers. Asiatic black bears live in forested areas around hills and mountains and rarely go above tree line.

Musk Deer

Moschus cupreus

Musk deer  is a primitive deer-like ruminant belonging to the family Moschidae and inhabits the forested and alpine scrub habitats of mountains in Asia.  Kashmir musk deer is endemic to Kashmir region of Jammu and Kashmir State and is Endangered. They mainly occur along the northern bank of Jhelum River. Kazinag harbours a good population of musk deer  in Kashmir.  Like other species of musk deer, this species has also been exploited for musk. . Musk deer possesses the invaluable musk for which it is killed.


Naemorhedus goral

Goral  belongs to sub-family Caprinae. Goral is a primitive caprid and lives in solitary or in small groups.  Himalayan Goral is endemic to Asia occurring along Himalayan Mountains. The subspecies Naemorhedus goral bedfordi occurs in Jammu and Kashmir and  Kazinag NP and its buffer PAs such as Limber WLS, Lachipora WLS, Nagnari Conservation Reserve harbour a decent population of goral. Goral is easily seen in Kazinag and occurs along the temperate grasslands and open conifer habitats.  Goral is also one of the major prey species for common leopard.

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