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Do’s & Don’t Thereof

  • Do not move alone in the forest area. Children and women are more vulnerable to Leopard/Bear attacks, which can be contained if they move in groups or children are accompanied by any elderly person.
  • Always move on regular forest paths and avoid short cuts.
  • Avoid going to forests for collection of wood etc. in early morning or evening hours, which is the peak activity time for Leopards/Bears.
  • Do not chase or try to go near to any wild animal if sighted from a distance in the forest /any area,
  • Livestock taken to pastures inside forests and near crop fields must be attended by three to four persons. Any type of bell or sound producing device be put around the neck of few cattle.
  • Avoid using of bush growths near forest fringe areas for nature calls in late evening or night hours, which is the peak activity of wild animals. It is requested to create community or home toilet facilities to avoid such dangers.
  • People living in vicinity of forests should also complete their outside activities such as social visits, fetching water from streams, grazing cattle, collection of house hold items etc. during day time only.
  • Provide sufficient light around your utilities outside your home so that animals do not feel safe in the vicinity.
  • Do not create kitchen dumping around your houses as this invites stray dogs to the spot which in turn invite leopard movement. As dogs provide delicacy for leopards.
  • The villagers must regularly remove all bushes or shrubs from the vicinity of houses in cooperative manner. Such vegetation clearance will increase visibility and help to keep the Leopard away from their houses.
  • The cattle shed in village’s houses should be made “Leopard Proof” using wooden material or concrete structure. The pet dogs kept in houses can also alarm the presence of predator in the vicinity of houses.
  • It has been observed that whenever leopard is sighted, people make a lot of noise which can prove dangerous. As such the wild animal feels insecure and can cause damage. It is advisable no to make noise, while leopard is sighted.
  • Avoid storing fresh fruits, vegetables and throwing of rotten ones in orchards as it invites Human -Black Bears conflicts.
  • In case of any incident, the Wildlife Protection Department be contacted. In case non -availability of Wildlife field staff in the area, the nearest Forest Territorial/Police/Revenue officials may be contacted for necessary protection