The Kazinag National Park holds the Kazinag range, which derives its name from the Kazinag spring which is situated at top of the forest. The Kazinag ridge separates Hundwara and Bunyar Uri. This ridge usually remains snow clad most of the year. On the top of it stands the historical Kazinag spring and Satkohl Nag which have been providing   water to   Kehmil, Puhru, Mawar and Talar rivers of the district and some of the water goes to Pakistan through Nowkote.

This area has been grouped into the Buniyar Group containing Arenite/Quartzite with bands of Gypsum and sulphides. The Buniyar group except for the lowermost limestone areas includes low grade meta segments ranging from phyllites to slates.The Buniyar group is overlain by the Pirpanjal Volcanic Group. This group is characterised by various volcanic flows. The flows are andesitic in composition though basic flows are not uncommon (Zadoo, 1980). The important minerals found in the area are Gypsum, Graphite and Limestone.